Incorporate a Freestanding Tub into Your Shower Stall

If you want to create a distinctive look in your master bathroom, consider renovating your space into a partial wet bath. This type of design incorporates a considerable area behind glass that houses not only your shower but your bathtub as well.

When designing such a space, you'll want to install a beautiful freestanding tub against one tiled wall. The bathtub can be directly on the tiled floor or atop a raised platform. Install multiple shower heads on the opposite wall, at least one with a handheld option. You can even include a couple of pull-down seats under the shower area for comfort and convenience.

Include long, rectangular windows at the top of one or more walls near the ceiling to allow light into your space. You should also install recessed lighting that you can control with a dimmer switch to get just the ambiance that you want from bright and cheery to subdued and romantic.

The glass that surrounds this area can be transparent glass to make your bathroom look genuinely spacious, or you can select frosted glass for privacy. A frameless surround will provide the best result and not impose any barriers in the room that would pull your attention away from the fabulous design. Outside of the glass enclosure, you'll have your vanity setup and your toilet space, so these two areas will always remain dry.

With a partial wet bath, your home will stand out from the norm. More than one person can also use the space at a time. You can soak in the tub while your spouse showers or you can take a shower at the same time with multiple shower heads.

For more ideas on bath design and how to include a stunning freestanding tub in your bathroom, please contact us today. We offer a variety of bathtubs so you can find the exact style that will fit your home.