A warm bath, perfect aromas, soothing sounds. All the boxes are checked for a stress-reducing soak. So why aren't you relaxed? 

Meditating in the tub is a great way to calm down, but there is more to it than just setting up your space. With all distractions gone, the brain can have a tendency to veer toward the negative, or at least to what it considers "important," (i.e. deadlines, reminders, what's next).

To truly use tub-time to the fullest, you need to empty the thoughts of the day from your mind. Here are a few tricks for calming your brain, as well as your body.

Concentrate on Your Breathing

Enough said? Not really.

Deep breathing is a necessity for relaxation, but to really get the most out of your bath therapy, try focusing on your breathing technique. Think about each breath. Feel your diaphragm go back and forth and register the sensation of air entering and exiting your lungs.

Try This: 5/5/10

  • Breath in through your nose while you slowly count to 5.

  • Hold it for another count of 5.

  • Exhale through your mouth for a count of 10.

  • Repeat.

Picture Something Peaceful

As we meditate the mind will wander. If not careful, this can fill your soak with concern, instead of peace. No matter how deep your breathing, sometimes your thoughts just keep going where you don't want them to. To combat this, pick an unimportant object to think about; something that has nothing to do with nothing.

A sock, an orange or a cloud are good choices (unless you are a seamstress, farmer or weatherman). Picture the object in your head. Think about the texture, the shape, the color, etc. Try and guide your thoughts to only that image. If your mind goes to something negative; jump back to your object. Each jump makes it easier to stick with it - until your mind goes blank.

Try This: Sleep Help

This is also a great technique if you have trouble falling asleep, so make sure you are in a safe position when blanking in the tub.

Pick a Wandering Mantra

Mantras, or focus words, are another tried and true technique for controlling where your thoughts go. Once relaxed, it is healthy to let your mind wander, as long as you stay positive.

Choose a word, or short phrase, that you can focus on. "Peace," "Confidence," and "I am beautiful," are good. As long as it is relevant and positive, anything will work. Slowly repeat the word in your head. You can start by saying it out loud, but go silent as soon as you are comfortable.

Create a pattern for your Mantra within your breathing, like repeating it every time you exhale. See where your mind takes you, and if you go somewhere you don't like, let your Mantra bring you back.

Try This: Use Anytime

Saying a Mantra can help build confidence and improve attitude, even out of the tub. Say it to yourself in stressful situations and out loud in front of the mirror. Positive reinforcement works!

Using these tricks will help you relax and focus, making your tub-time the perfect way to take the stress out of your mind. If you want more techniques – or the perfect tub – contact us.