Baroque Bathroom Style

Current Bathroom Trends: Baroque

Bathrooms are getting more and more attention when it comes to decorating and design. People want a space where they relax that is entirely their own. One style currently making waves in the interior design world is baroque. Designers and homeowners are beginning to move away from the minimalist and toward more intricate and elevated designs. Baroque design features, in part, polished tile, a carved mirror, and a gorgeous claw foot bathtub.

History of Baroque Design

Baroque got its start in the mid-1600s in Italy, just after the Reformation. Churches wanted to be seen as a powerhouse, and they enticed people through ceremonies and beautiful church designs. It didn't take long for the people, especially the upper class, to want to copy these designs into their own homes. In fact, according to History World, by 1700 each European country had their own version of baroque art and architecture.

Today, the baroque design has been scaled back and, instead of everything being over-the-top, people choose to include little touches which bring sophistication to the room without it being too overwhelming.

Characteristics of the Baroque Bathroom

According to Interior-holic, the baroque style features bold colors with metallic accents. In the bathroom, this could translate to the faucet, the shower knobs, or the feet of your tub. Since the bathroom typically has a small wall space to paint, you can experiment with the deeper colors until you find one you like. To stay true to baroque, try deep pinks, blues, or yellows.

Also, plant carvings in the furniture are a signature look of the baroque design. This could easily be done on the sides of the mirror or on the towel rack. The more intricate and detailed the work is, the better for your bathroom, overall.

The same holds true for the tile design on the floor. The days of the square tile are going away as more and more designers look toward eye-catching floors. You can get a tile with a leave or lantern look and use that to draw the eye down. If you feel as though that's too much, you can always pick a feature wall or use it as the backsplash for your sink.

Finally, to complete your baroque bathroom look, be sure to include monograms or family crests. You can put them on the towels, the rug, or the toilet seat cover. It adds a personal touch to your bathroom while staying in the same motif.

Your bathroom is full of design possibilities, and one of our bathtubs can make it that much more special. For more information on claw foot tubs or any other bathtub, be sure to contact us.