If one of your bathtubs has become cracked, faded, dated-looking, or if you just want to add a genuine feeling of luxury and opulence to your home, consider getting a gorgeous freestanding tub. Whether you put one of these tubs in your master bathroom or a shared bathroom, nothing can surpass the advantages of a freestanding bathtub in your home.

- Freestanding tubs are large and more comfortable than standard bathtubs, making them an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. You'll love spending time in one of these generous-sized tubs. Because of their dimensions, you'll have no problems fitting in even two people for a romantic rendezvous at the end of the day. You're also able to get more than enough water to cover you for a long, warm, and relaxing soak.

- You can't beat the beauty and grace of a freestanding tub. The focal point of any bathroom is usually the tub. An ordinary bathtub that you can find in any home can't provide the same lavish appearance as a gorgeous freestanding tub. Even a garden tub doesn't have the same elegance. With one of these luxury tubs, everyone's attention will immediately go, in awe, to your majestic-looking bath.

- Freestanding tubs are available in more than one style to meet your needs. Select one that's sized slightly smaller than whatever space you have available for the best overall look. Depending on your décor, you can choose brushed nickel hardware for a modern look or try glistening chrome for a more traditional appearance. Whichever style you prefer, you'll love the high-end look that it gives your bathroom.

A freestanding tub will significantly improve the enjoyment of your bathing time and the value of your home. For more information on freestanding tubs, clawfoot tubs, and pedestal tubs, please contact us today.