Years of Cleanliness and Sparkle

Equally important to us as the material construction was the finish on the tub.   If you think about it, bathtubs are permanent fixtures that must withstand varied uses, chemicals, and (perhaps most importantly) years of indirect and direct daytime sunlight that shines in through windows.  So our goal was to create an anti-microbial, impervious finish that is not only high-gloss, clean, and bright-white when new, but high-gloss, clean, and bright-white when not-so-new.



Pelham and White Clawfoot Tub EnduraClean

Not all grades of acrylic are equal.  

As we set out to create the most beautiful and durable finishes, we didn't have to look far; by simply choosing to use high-end acrylic, we had our solution.  Here's why the right acrylic matters (not that you asked!):


Standard Acrylic: Polymer Chains

The ubiquity of standard acrylic cannot be understated.  Used for inferior tubs, and countless other products, standard acrylic is pretty easy to produce.  Monomer (single molecule)  PMMA pellets are the only ingredient, and as a catalyst is applied, the monomers become polymers (linked strands) of PMMA molecules.  The polymer strands are strong, but they could be even stronger... 

A stronger molecular makeup matters when it come to creating a truly impervious material with an ultra-rich sheen that can stand the test of time.  Think of children's toys after a couple years of indoor/outdoor use - they become brittle, and faded.  Not what you want for a bathtub!


EndurAClean Acrylic: Cross-Linked Polymer Chains

At Pelham & White, we build our tubs exclusively with cross-linked polymer acrylic.   Cross-linked polymers are created using a cross-linking agent during the production process to permanently bind polymer chains together.  This creates a continuous molecular web - which against individual strands, means a MUCH stronger product.  It's also a blast to work with.  As we apply our refining and buffing techniques, the bathtub comes alive with this remarkable sheen.  

We call it EnduraClean.  You've never seen a cleaner-looking tub... and best news yet, it stands up to the test of time!