When it comes to furniture and room design in the Victorian era, the word opulence often comes to mind. The clawfoot tub was a staple of luxury in this time period,  finding its home amongst the rich patterns and intricate hand carved designs found within the walls of the well-to-do.  To this day, the clawfoot design still pays homage to the elegantly detailed pearl-clutching-talon originally conceived in the early 1700's. This timeless design grants the  clawfoot tub the ability to appropriately compliment vintage styled rooms that feature crown molding, period furniture,  ornate wallpaper, and elegant adornments. 


Styles and tastes change over time. Intricately detailed and ornate furniture do not adorn our homes as often as they did in the past.  In recent times, the available option of a cannonball foot has given the classic clawfoot tub the ability to mesh well in the modern designed bathrooms found more commonly today.  This simpler take on the original design ads a touch of contemporary to the age old classic. This versatile addition maintains enough of its original vintage characteristics to accompany bathroom remodels that blend both the old with the new. making it a great choice for both modern or transitional inspired bathrooms.