Pelham and White Stand Alone Bathtubs

Are you tired of that generic alcove tub common to most houses? Most likely, if you undertaking a bathroom renovation, you are not looking for a another alcove tub, rather you're looking for a stand alone bathtub. You want something that makes a statement, yet remains refined. At Pelham and White, we have crafted a line of standalone tubs that will exceed your expectations in both quality and elegance. 

Here are the top 10 reasons to buy a stand alone bathtub:

1) Stand alone tubs are modern day sculptures
2) Stand alone tubs are roomier
3) Stand alone tubs are easier to clean
4) Stand alone tubs allow you to accessorize with a fancy faucet
5) Stand alone tubs can be big enough for two
6) Stand alone tubs can blend styles
7) Stand alone tubs bring the spa experience home
8) Stand alone tubs have personality
9) Stand alone tubs will make you leave your bathroom door open
10) Stand alone tubs will make you feel like royalty!

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